time for a two piece

I don’t know about other places, but here in KY it has been h-o-t. We were heading to a pool party the other day and I was searching for anything that would prevent me from melting in the heat. This fun little cotton two-piece paired perfectly with my new favorite summer hair and some braided sandals! I usually shy away from two piece sets, but I love how there really isn’t a gap between the shorts and top, so this one was a winner in my book. I just ordered the white and royal blue (linked below) and can’t wait for it to get here so I can get a few wears in while it’s still summer weather. (Okay, summer weather will be here for quite a while, I’m clearly just wishing fall would get here asap!)

Photo Jul 26, 5 50 38 AMPhoto Jul 26, 5 49 08 AM (1)[SIMILAR SANDALS HERE] [OUTFIT HERE] [LIP COLOR HERE]

PS please ignore our patchy grass – we haven’t been in the house long enough to have a plush yard + Mario and I don’t exactly have green thumbs!

Do y’all have any fun two-piece sets you recommend?? I’m going to NYC in a few weeks and with all the walking we’ll be doing, I’m definitely looking for cute, comfy sets that won’t have me sweating to death!


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