…and I’m already running behind.

Well, it’s time to give this blogging thing a spin. As much as I have always wanted to, I’ve continually used the excuse of just “not having enough time” to make it happen. If there’s one thing I’ve actually learned over the past few years, it’s that I really never have enough time.

My mornings are the most hectic, sprinting from my color-coordinated closet back to the mirror to ensure I’ve equally filled in both brows. While work takes up the majority of the day, it feels as if I’m continually making lists that I never get to finish because another daunting task makes its way to my overloaded desk. My drive back home can’t possibly take any longer. How can I continually hit these red lights, one, after another, after another…

My favorite parts of these non-stop days that seemingly never have quite enough time is when I get those few minutes to myself. While my fiancee is the sweetest man that shares my deep appreciation for pizza, and my little mini boxer puppy could melt hearts of even the most devout cat enthusiasts… the few minutes between my sprint to the front door and digging through my bag to find the office keys, the moments where I get to make mental lists of groceries I’ll probably forget when I run to the store, workouts I like to think I’ll try, and errands I’ll probably never get to go and run, it’s nice to have a little time.

I’m hoping this attempt to get to blogging reminds me that life never slows down, I’ll always be the girl sprinting to the door, and that’s okay, as long as “not having enough time” doesn’t stop me from making time for what really matters (including a bubble bath, and a bottomless glass of wine).


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