New Year, Same Me.

So, I know there’s this ongoing trend of setting a resolution to correct your “fatal flaw” every time the New Year comes around. Each January, the gym overcrowds with resolution-ers, the fruit prices jump because we stock up on healthy eats, and hair stylists are overbooked with all of the gals wanting a “New Year, New Me!” look to snap and post on their Instagram. This year, as I sat and pondered which resolution I could add to my list for the time being, I realized something… New Years resolutions are bogus.

Procrastination is second nature, right? Think how often we put off tasks because we can “get to them tomorrow” or think “it’ll be easier next week.” So essentially, the New Year is just another “tomorrow” that sets you up to continue putting off what you know needs to be done now. I set a goal a few months back to lose weight, and the next morning I woke up and jumped on it. Here I am, almost 20 pounds lighter, thankful I didn’t wait for the New Year to start making the life changes I did. The New Year shouldn’t be your excuse that keeps enabling you to make poor choices, regardless of what your resolution is. If you want to lose weight, stop gossiping, give up sodas, be a harder worker, or make a jump in careers, why wait for the New Year to make that happen?

I’m really, really happy with who I am. A few years ago I realized I complained, like, a lot. Sometimes I would complain so much I would get on my own nerves, and no one wants to be around a Negative Nancy. So I decided to become the person I would want to be friends with – I stopped the complaining, I opened myself up to hear opinions of others, I search for solutions to problems, I try to say yes to all new experiences when possible, and I am willing to take on more challenges that life throws my way… and you know what? 2015 was the best year of my entire life. I know there is always, always room for improvement, but I love the person I have become, and I don’t think I need to set a resolution to be anything but myself in this New Year.

I’m taking on this year with one piece of advice – don’t let the new year make a new you, because you’re pretty damn awesome. Challenge yourself to find the things you want to change, then take them on right then and there and don’t let “tomorrow”, “The New Year” or anything else take away the credit for the strength you find in yourself to make those life changes, big or small.


Xo, N.

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