Let’s Brighten Things Up

Hi babes! Today’s post is inspired by this ray of sunshine dress – we’re talking about a few tricks to make your day a little brighter. Before I dive in, how pretty is this floral swing? Not counting this into my tips below, but wearing a colorful outfit instantly makes my mood feel that much brighter. Snag the yellow here, or check out everything  they have if you’ve already stocked up on a yellow must-have for this summer.  Now that we’ve brightened up your shopping cart, let’s get back to brightening that mood, girlfriend! First and foremost, these are all a work in progress for me, but I’ve realized how much more pep I have in my step when I count these five simple steps (below!) into my routine.

NECKLACE | EARRINGS | SHOES | EARRINGS (to match the necklace above)

1 – Wake up the first time your alarm goes off

Count me in on this: setting 4-5 alarms, promising to wake up on the first but snoozing until the last. As I’m getting ready, I’ll mentally note all of the little tasks I could have completed had I woken up the first time. Set your alarm & start your morning off that much more productive!

2 – Make your bed

So small, but extremely easy to bypass in the busy-ness of everyday life. As a new momma I’m guilty of skipping this often, but when my bed is made, I feel like my life is just a little more pulled together.

3 – Compliment the first person you encounter once you leave the house

Maybe it’s your barista, your nanny at daycare or the secretary in the office, but slow down and compliment them. There’s something so meaningful behind taking a moment to connect with someone & helping start their day off right, too! You literally have no idea how their morning was going before that, so you might have totally turned their day around.

4 – Finish the task

Whatever just landed on your plate, knock it out now so you’re not postponing and stressing out later. (Can you tell I’m super guilty here???) I’m probably making this sound much easier than it is at times, so forgive me in those moments where you can’t stop what you’re doing to jump into the next. I love making lists, so when multiple tasks make their way to me all at once, I list out what needs completed & when to alleviate stress.

5 – Make time for you

Give yourself that 15 minute window at the end of the day to unwind. Nursing Braxton is one of my absolute favorite parts of the day, partially because I’m literally not able to work on anything else. It’s so important to have that time dedicated to not having to really “do” anything. Clearing your mind & “mentally recapping” bring me so much peace of mind!

These are all so simple, but mixing each into your daily routine (maybe one at a time) and see which have an impact for you! If you have any day brightening tips, I’d love to hear!

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Hope you babes have a wonderful weekend.

Xo, Nic

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