and then there were (soon to be) three.

Okay I promise I’m going to get a handle on things and stop having these gaps between posts. I’m hoping y’all can be a little more lenient with me – for anyone that doesn’t keep up with me on social media, WE’RE EXPECTING!  We are so over the moon and are already stocking up on tons of goodies for our little one!  I hit the 5 month mark this week and it truly feels like this pregnancy is flying by. We found out very early through blood testing that we were having a sweet boy, and I can’t begin to explain how excited we are. Mario and I have always expressed as long as our babies are healthy, we would be happy either way… but I think I’m one of those rare women that would be so content with a house full of boys. I think back all the time to my teenage years and how my poor momma had to deal with me – not fun times, y’all!

Once we found out about our sweet boy, we tossed around a few names and quickly decided on Braxton Mario. One of my absolute favorite things is hearing my nephews say his name – I can’t wait to see how they all interact! It’s so exciting to have a bunch of boys that will be so close in age. I have already started working through décor for our Braxton’s room! Shocking, right? To be totally honest, I think buying for boys might be even more fun than girls! Girl décor is so easy to come by, so with boys you really have to search and it ends up being so exciting when you finally find what you’re wanting and start seeing everything come together. I kind of feel the same about his little outfits, too! If you’ve ever gone through baby clothes, you know what I’m talking about – girls have mounds and stacks of adorable everything, meanwhile boys have a much smaller selection usually consisting of bland onesies and graphic tees. We have accumulated a small stash of adorable finds for our boy, but finding those pieces is so exciting because they’re a little more rare!

Do any of y’all have favorite places to grab little boy pieces? Or just new momma advice in general?!

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