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I hope y’all can relate on this…. As soon as the temperature drops into the 50’s, I’m ready to skip all other events and get my Christmas décor up and going. I fought the urge as long as possible, but my trees went up the second weekend in November and holding off that long was a struggle! I am all about the whimsical look with super thick mesh, ribbon galore and over-the-top glittery everything when it comes to Christmas. My minimalist husband could live in a home with blank white walls, as long as he has a comfy couch and XL TV, so explaining the “need” for two Christmas trees was really… fun? In my defense, this is the first time I’m ever getting to put trees up (we never had enough room in our apartments!), so I wasn’t skimping out!

Photo Dec 11, 6 04 59 PM

I went with different colors than the norm and I’m so excited with how they turned out. I am absolutely obsessed with my white tree – it’s so fluffy and flocked, so I needed to make sure we had plenty of ornaments & ribbon galore. My aunt is a whiz when it comes to tossing together bows and mixing in mesh, so I let her go wild and couldn’t be more excited with the results. I loved doing this color combo because it goes so well with our navy/white/gold scheme we have in the living room.

Photo Dec 11, 6 04 50 PMPhoto Dec 11, 6 06 04 PM

Our second tree is much smaller and not nearly as full, so extra mesh and ornament overload helped fill some of the bare spots. We put this little cutie in the landing at the top of our staircase and I love how the brights pop against it! I had extra of all ornament colors, so I filled my kitchen island jars, lanterns and decorative bowl/entryway cabinet with them to get the whole house feeling festive.

Photo Dec 11, 6 04 20 PMPhoto Dec 11, 6 04 09 PM

As a bonus for making it all the way through this post, here’s a peek at our over-the-top festive look for our company Christmas party that’s sure to leave you laughing!

Photo Dec 08, 9 22 51 PM

If this doesn’t make you want to turn on Hallmark Christmas movies and have a wrapping party, you’re definitely a Grinch!

If you have Christmas décor up, please share in the comments below – I love seeing all my fellow decoration lovers in action!

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