Pregnancy Checklist: Packing your Hospital Bag


As if things weren’t getting really real around here – it’s time to pack these hospital bags, y’all. My first time around there were tons of things I’d read to pack and never ended up using, so I feel a little more prepared this time around. I’m a little ahead of the curve on this, but Braxton came a few weeks early, so I want to make sure we’re set when Beckham decides he’s ready!


For mama:


  • Robes – I raved all about robes in this post last week, so I won’t go into a ton of detail. These robes are really lightweight, breathable and perfect for nursing!
  • Nursing bra(s) – Okay, so I didn’t actually use one in the hospital last go-around. I was in my robe 24/7 and just didn’t feel the need, especially because I was in limbo waiting for my milk to come in. It’s good to have one on hand just in case though, so I’ll be packing this one!
  • Undies – I actually love the ones provided by our hospital, so I’m skipping out on packing my own.  These are a great option if you’re wanting to take some just to be safe.
  • Slippers and/or Sandals – You’re up and down from the bed in really small doses, so something that’s easy to slip on and off is a must.
  • Going Home Outfit – My coziest leggings (I wore them home with Braxton, too), this tank and a cardigan. The next few weeks will be all about the cozies and I cannot recommend these leggings enough! They aren’t maternity but are perfect for pregnancy and post-baby. Buttery soft and no elastic band digging in your waist?! Sign me up.


  • Makeup Bag – If you’re planning on doing newborn photos with your little one, don’t forget your makeup! We didn’t shoot these with Braxton, but I’m hoping to this time around with my whole boy crew.
  • Travel Toiletries – Rest assured that all of this is available at the hospital as well, so don’t sweat it if you forget something! Toothbrush, toothpaste, mini shower supplies, deodorant…
  • Face Wash – I’ve used the same face wash for years!  My skin gets gross within a few days if I try something else, so this is definitely a necessity in my book.
  • Hair Products – I’m bringing mini shampoo/conditioner, hairspray and supplies to curl my hair if we’re feeling up to maternity photos.
  • Ponytail Holders – This sounds so silly, but it’s important enough that a separate bullet was needed. Bring at least 5 or so, just in case. I know I’ve said it once, but you’re gonna be hot, mama! Ponytail holders, bobby pins and anything else to keep that hair off of you is a necessity.
  • Prenatal Vitamins – Keep taking these post-baby! I have taken prenatals for years and they’re so good for you!


  • Phone Charger – So glad I found these extra long ones!
  • Baby BookOurs has a spot for hand and footprints, which I forgot to get the first time around. I’m putting my mama in charge of that this time!
  • Nursing Pillow – Even if you aren’t planning to nurse, these pillows make holding little one extra cozy.
  • Pillow from Home – I struggled with sleeping because the hospital pillows were really thin and flimsy.



  • Swaddle Blankets – I found these and am so excited to try! Braxton always busted free when Mario and I swaddled him in regular swaddles, so I’m excited to give these a go.
  • Onesies – Our hospital provides these really great onesies that cover their hands as well (to prevent them scratching), so we’ll probably use those.  There’s also a photographer that does baby photos, so we’ll take a few onesies/swaddles for those as well.
  • Pacifiers – I’m bringing these and these just in case Beckham has a preference!
  • MittensThese are a must in my book! I didn’t get any with baby Braxton and sent Mario to the store within a few days because he had scratched his sweet little face.
  • Socks
  • Car Seat – we snagged this one after reading that it was pretty lightweight but still really great quality!
  • Swaddles for Pets – We did this the first go-around and gave the dogs blankets that had Braxtons scent on them. Our dogs are bigger and super wild, but they have always been tolerant with him. I can’t speak to how much it actually helps, but it’s worth a shot!
  • Baby Book – I have deemed my mama in charge of this! We have a spot for hand and footprints that I’m wanting to capture this time – I totally missed the mark on that with Braxton. The hospital does hand and footprints, so it’s a good time to knock it out for the baby book as well!


  • Toiletry Bag – I ordered this bag to load up with with deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, shower items… Mario will probably run back and forth to the house a few times since we won’t keep Braxton at the hospital, so he may not need a full shower set.
  • Sweats/Change of Clothes – Again, I’m sure Mario will be back and forth at least 2-3 times once Beckham comes, but labor can be lengthy. If you’re in the same situation, I would make sure to have at least one change of clothes on hand.
  • Phone Charger – Everything was a blur and I hardly checked my phone, so Mario was great about handling the calls/texts/checking in with people. He doesn’t have an iPhone, so I snagged him this pack of chargers and he loves them!


The items I saw over and over that we skipped out on were: towels, snacks, headphones and a birthing plan.  We didn’t pack towels because they’re just so bulky and we aren’t too picky. I also saw snacks as a necessity on tons of lists, but that’s a no-go for us. I was so hungry during labor last time and would have been devastated if I knew there was a big bag of snacks in my suitcase! I loved the hospital food and also had people coming and going tons, so getting snacks wasn’t an issue if we really needed them. I personally can’t think of a time I would have used headphones, but I saw it on at least 5 different lists! Between all of the visitors, getting a grasp on nursing and being new parents, I can’t think up a moment where headphones would have come into play. We also don’t have a birthing plan (we’re just excited for him to pop out!), so no nothing to pack on that end.

Since we have lots of helping hands around us, our list might seem kind of light. If you don’t live near friends and family or if you’re delivering at a hospital not super close to home, you might have a handful of items that land on your necessities list that I haven’t mentioned. Overall, your packing list is just what you’d want to have to be comfortable for 3 or so days!  The hospital has most of what you’ll need and what you pack is totally based on personal preference. I hope this has been helpful for some of you sweet first-time mamas and can’t wait to hear what necessities you’re packing! Leave anything I might have forgotten in the comments below!

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