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Happy Valentine’s! As you can see, I couldn’t help but bake some pretty pink treats in honor of v-day. I’m not a cupcake person so I can’t speak to how they turned out, but my husband has been devouring them, so I’ll call it a win. I wanted to share a quick roundup with y’all of the 14 things I’m loving right now & have linked them below!

1: These beauties from Baublebar (and these, and these….) 

 2: Kroger Clicklist. It’s basically online shopping for groceries, and I’m all about that life.

3: Fleece leggings. It’s still entirely too cold in KY and these have been worn on repeat. 

4: These 100 calorie packs – I always end up mindlessly snacking, so these have been a life savor to keep in my desk. 

5: The diaper bag we received at our baby shower & this one we received back at Christmas. They’re so functional –  not to mention so cute

6: Taco Bell’s spicy potato soft tacos. You’ll be addicted too, you’re welcome.

7: Nordstrom’s take on the basic tee. These are the best because they’re long enough to wear with leggings, aka my uniform these days.

8: My go-to lippie from NYX. I’m not sure why the swatch looks pink, because it’s full-on maroon.

9: Shutterfly’s desk calendar – I love adding personal touches to my desk, but picture frames tend to clutter my work space, so this keeps it functional and personalized.

10: Dainty necklaces. This one from Kendra Scott is one of my go-to’s! 

11: Avocados on everything (not abnormal for me in the slightest).

12: My Jumbo Lilly Planner – post to come on this, but I highly suggest the jumbo if you have large handwriting or just like listing out details.

13: Just ordered these bow mules – as if I needed an excuse to be more excited for spring!

14: These makeup baggies from Sweet and Sassy. They’re huuuuge & can be personalized however you want.

 Honestly I have no idea what Mario and I will be doing to celebrate our last pre-baby Valentine’s, but trust me when I say a night on the couch watching rom-coms would be just as enjoyable as our usual dinner plans. Although, last year we over-indulged in tableside guacamole and that does sound pretty tempting…

Tell me about your v-day plans –  outfits, eats, etc… I would love to hear! I hope your day is filled with extra love.



2 thoughts on “14 Favorites

  1. Brooklyn Maple says:

    Hey Girlfriend!
    I love that the diaper bag made the list! 😀
    My bf lives in Tennessee so the plans I have tonight are with Jagoe Homes planning out my colors and finishings for the new place! Can’t wait to have you, Mario and Braxton over in July when it is finally complete!!!

    • ncweisss says:

      Girl, you’re a saint for getting us that bag. I cannot wait for B to be here so we can put it to use! I can’t wait to see how all of your selections come together, I know your house is going to be beautiful!

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