we’ve been keeping a secret…


Guess what, we’re expecting!

If you know us, you know we’ve prayed for a sibling for Baby Braxton since day one and we’re absolutely over the moon! You may have noticed it’s been pretty quiet over on my Instagram stories and slower on my feed lately… so I hope this provides a little insight as to why! I’ve been wanting to tell y’all since I found out and am so excited to finally be sharing the news. My first trimester has been filled with lots of Braxton snuggles, headaches and tons of unhealthy snacking!

We had been told by our doctor that getting pregnant while nursing was going to be extremely difficult and started trying immediately after Braxton was born. I was so disheartened – it happened almost instantly with Braxton, so we really didn’t anticipate the monthly disappointment that accompanied all of our negative tests. Finding out about this little one was a huge surprise. We were in the midst of planning a summer vacation to Mexico with friends and I had been feeling kind of off. As much as I didn’t want to waste another test, I took it just to make sure we were in the clear for our trip. I wish I could put into words how shocked I was! For a brief moment I thought “I’m going to think of a cute way to tell Mario since I didn’t with Brax” but that went out the window all in the same moment as I jumped on the bed and woke him up. We were both so anxious, nervous and really unsure of how far along I even was. The next day I booked an ultrasound and our doctor let us know we were already 8.5 weeks in with our healthy little one.

I’ll go ahead and say it – this pregnancy has kicked my butt! I’m not sure if I’m just feeling it more this time because I have a busy little one to keep up with, but I can honestly say I’m crossing my fingers that the second trimester brings an energy spurt and lots of nausea relief. Mario swore we must be having a girl this time because he didn’t remember me ever being this miserable with Braxton! One of the biggest adjustments has been my aversions. I’m a really repetitive person and usually have a huge salad for lunch daily. The sight of it makes me cringe. Ya girl needs bags full of Taco Bell and pizza for every single meal. I’ve had terrible headaches and nausea almost all of the first trimester and find relief in junk food and walking around the neighborhood. Since it’s been so cold and rainy here, neighborhood walks haven’t happened nearly as often as the junk food binges…


– Homemade salad: I still love them before my meal at a restaurant though!
– A ton of water: I can do a few bottles through the day, but I start feeling sick afterwards.
– Anything super healthy: give me all the fried stuff, please and thanks.
– Coffee brewed at home: just the smell makes me sick!
– The smell of alcohol: Mario had wine the other night and I swear the smell of it made me gag!


– Taco Bell (for every meal)
– Starbucks
– Any type of potato product
– Diet Sprite
– Pizza

Everyone that knew we were expecting prior to finding out the gender was totally convinced we were having a girl. I think most of it was wishful thinking that I would get some payback for all the hormones and craziness I’d put my momma through, HA! We have always prayed for healthy babies and never had a preference on gender, but this momma is so excited to have a house full of boys! I have such a sweet relationship with my Braxton Bear and cross my fingers baby number two is just as loving. I can’t wait to watch our boys grow together and am so thankful they’ll be so close in age. Braxton is obsessed with his cousins and I know he’ll be the best big brother.

There will be many more updates to come on our little one, I’m just so excited to finally share the news with you!

All my love,


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