Wifey Status.

With this being my last week of work before we venture off to Vegas, you can understand my excitement for the weekend to hurry and get here! I have lots of last minute items to grab, suitcase stuffing to do and probably some unnecessary shopping in the process.

Wedding bliss is finally getting to my head as we are now just under the two-week mark, and I’m realizing soon I’ll go from being a fiancée to a wife. I’ve been thinking about that lately, wondering what that really means. Mario and I have lived together for almost all of our relationship, we are with each other in most of our free time, and our friend groups have always been so open and welcoming to each of us. We pay bills together, we have a (precious) puppy, we pick up groceries for the other…. So what does the change from being a fiancée to a legal spouse really mean?

I hear so often, “well you’re basically married.” What? How are you “basically” something? Does living with someone really make you “basically” anything other than a roommate? I think all too often we fall into comfortable situations where “basically” is good enough. While I don’t consider myself to be an outspoken religious woman, I have my relationship with God, and I know he hand-selected Mario to come into my life and be my saving grace. There is nothing in this world that could have made our paths coincidentally cross, and I am a firm believer that He didn’t place Mario in my life so we could “basically be married.” Being engaged, to me, is the first step of that commitment with moving forward and giving all of yourself to one another. While it’s hard for me to imagine loving Mario more than I do today, I can only imagine the love and graces that will grow in our relationship once we are husband and wife.

Of all the mistakes I’ve made, of all of the uncertainties I have ever faced, Mario has never been one of them, and I cannot wait to finally call myself his wife.


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