Just Catching Up.

Hi babes, happy Wednesday! I’ve been quite the hot mess of ideas, thoughts and everything in between lately and found it fitting to share with y’all today. Some of my absolute favorite posts to read involve “random” favorites, blurbs and just conversation. I always feel like I can connect so much more after reading those kind of posts & realizing how much I personally relate to the person behind the screen, so I’m sharing a few random thoughts + favorites lately. Also, I can’t stop repeating this black jumpsuit! Sharing links below to my absolute favorites for y’all.

1: I’ve been on a big salad kick lately. As a vegetarian, people tend to assume salad is my favorite meal. While I love salad as a starter, I don’t usually make it my go-to when we’re out to eat. Lately I’ve been packing one for lunch, and omg I found the best dressing ever + this delish feta cheese to sprinkle on top. I hard boil 5 or 6 eggs for the week and grab one of those, a tomato and add (entirely too much) salt. Also, if you like cottage cheese, throw a spoon full on there. It’s been a super easy, light lunch these past few weeks!

2: I’m swooning over transition pieces right now. There’s nothing I love more than a lightweight cardigan, duster or sweater, but this time of year can be a little tricky. Like, it might be kind of chilly in the morning, but it’s blazing hot by mid-afternoon, so what do you do?! I’ve been pairing little layering tanks with jean shorts and topping it off with my favorite cardigans lately and am in love! Anyone else anticipating fall way too hard right now?! I’ve been waking up and checking the weather in hopes of 60-something temperatures daily.

3: Buying baby clothes is way more fun than adult clothes. While in Texas last week, we went to the outlets for the first time since Braxton was born and let me tell y’all, I went crazy. Why is everything SO much cuter when it’s tiny?! I never thought I would love shopping for someone else more than myself, but I have met my match.

4: Wearing your hair up doesn’t mean sacrificing style or professionalism. I’ve always had this undying fear that I would look less put together with my hair pulled up, but I’m definitely learning you can get away with it when styled right. In case you’ve been absent from my Insta-stories, you know I’ve been sporting the teased high bun on repeat. My absolute favorite way to ensure this look feels a bit more dressy is to throw on some fun statement earrings & a duster or blazer before hitting the door.

5: Quantity over quality, in always. Unless it pertains to pizza or tacos – definitely go with quantity there. But really, this has become so important and should probably be #1 on my list. We recently went to see family + friends in Texas and it put so much in perspective for us! Sometimes we put a lot of pressure on maintaining or building new friendships, filling our calendars with social events or always being on the go…. but wouldn’t you rather indulge in splendidly meaningful friend convos, a handful of important events and passionately take on the day? Stop spreading yourself too thin, don’t post a photo “just because you need an #ootd” and remain true to you. I can attest to this one – you will always be happier when you choose the high-quality option over having an immense amount of knockoffs.

SO good catching up with you, girlfriends! It’s been entirely too long & I promise not to be a stranger. Anything you’re hoping to see soon? Leave it in the comments below loves!

Xoxo Nic